Wimbledon 2016 Ladies Semifinals: What I Want To Happen, What I Think Will Happen and What I (Almost) Hope Doesn’t Happen

Elena Vesnina (click to enlarge)

The Ladies singles semifinals at Wimbledon 2016 features three Major singles champions. Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Angelique Kerber are looking to add to their trophy collections. Then there’s Elena Vesnina. Sure, she has 2 Major titles in doubles, but if she were to win the title here in singles it would change her life. And that’s why she’s my rooting interest. With all my top women’s favorites watching the rest of the fortnight on tv, I don’t have a horse in the race anymore. However, seeing how winning a Major (and eventually 2) changed everything for Li Na, one of my past faves, I’d like to see a new champion crowned. Ain’t-a gonna happen. Okay, Vesnina could shock the world the same way Roberta Vinci did at the US Open last year when she upset Serena and prevented the calendar year Grand Slam. I don’t think Serena lets that happen twice. Look for Serena to win her semifinal against Elena and take the title on Saturday. I want Elena to take it. I, like just about everybody, think Serena will.


Venus Williams (click to enlarge)

A lot people will want Venus Williams to win her semifinal against Australian Open champion Angelique Kerber to set up a Serena vs Venus final. I am fond of Venus both on and off the court, with what she’s done fighting for equality for female players. And wouldn’t it be something if at her age, fighting Sjogren’s syndrome, that she won Wimbledon? But would she be okay dealing with the burden of blocking her sister from tying Steffi Graf with 22 Major singles titles? And if Venus reached the final against Serena and lost, especially in lopsided fashion, would there be whispers that she rolled over so Serena could tie Steffi? It’s such a damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t situation I almost hope she doesn’t reach the final. Now, if Elena upsets Serena in the first Ladies semi, then by all means I’m good with Venus being the final opponent for Vesnina. I just don’t see the first part of that scenario transpiring.













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