Queen Serena Back On The Throne At Wimbledon 2016

Serena Williams (click to enlarge)

I have to be honest. All of my women’s favorites were gone by Tuesday of the second week at Wimbledon 2016. So the Serena Williams v Angelique Kerber final didn’t hold that extra sizzle for me. I wasn’t going to throw a parade regardless of who won. But dammit, I am a hardcore tennis superfan. Anybody who’s read the thousands upon thousands of posts I’ve made over the last decade on this blog knows that to be an indisputable fact. And in that respect, I cannot help but acknowledge how much Serena Williams…excuse me, Queen Serena…has meant to tennis. This is greatness that defines a generation, that transcends generations. This is Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. It’s the kind of pantheon of tennis gods where even 12 Majors isn’t enough to get you in the door. With her 7-5 6-3 defeat of Kerber, Queen Serena sits equal to Steffi Graf at 22 singles Majors. Whether you adore Serena or not, every head must bow and every tongue must confess that we are bearing witness to a singular talent that might never…NEVER…be duplicated in tennis history. Hail to thee, Queen Serena!



1 SERENA WILLIAMS d. Angelique Kerber, 7-5 6-3


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