Reboot: Starting Over In 2018

Madison Keys (click to enlarge)

I abruptly stopped posting anything on this blog after Madison Keys was soundly defeated in the US Open Women’s singles final. Of course, winning and losing is always a possibility in competition.  But somehow, that loss and how devastating it was really sucked all the energy I had for posting on this blog. Madison is by far currently my favorite athlete in the world. It wasn’t simply that she lost. That happens. It just broke my heart to see her on the biggest stage that she has ever been on play possibly the worst match that I’ve ever seen her play. I still followed tennis for the rest of the year, as well as the LPGA. I never abandon tennis. I’ve been a tennis fanatic since I was four or five years old. I just didn’t have the energy anymore for the rest of the year to post. But now it’s 2018 and I’m ready to get started again. This year, no matter what happens to my favorites, I will try to be more consistent. It’s a shame that even when Ariya Jutanugarn won the CME event at the end of the LPGA season that I didn’t do a write-up. I guarantee you that won’t happen this year. So enough talk! The tennis season has already begun and in a few hours we will have a Brisbane champion on the women’s side as well as a Shenzhen champion. I am looking forward to watching all of these wonderful athletes perform this year.


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