Australian Open 2018: Still Team Maddie

Madison Keys (click to enlarge)

I just wanted to squeeze in a quick little post about Madison Keys before the semi-finals conclude. Her match against Angelique Kerber obviously did not go the way she and her fans, like myself, would have liked. But I am very happy to see her reach the quarter-finals at the 2018 Australian Open with very little play between last year’s US Open and this year’s opening major in Melbourne. And I have to call it like I see it. Angie is a very tough matchup for Madison, similar to Caroline Wozniacki. These are players that can get a lot of balls back and wait for unforced errors. But win or lose, I remain Team Maddie. Being a fan is not just applauding when everything is going right. It’s also showing appreciation when things don’t go right. I suppose I should say don’t go the way we as fans would hope. A lot of pressure has been put on Madison’s shoulders, a lot of expectations. Future number one this, future major winner that, etc. I’ve been guilty of that myself. But even if none of that ever happens, I will root for Madison Keys to be healthy and to have a prosperous career. On to the next event for Maddie and well wishes.


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