Naomi Osaka 2018 US Open Champion Photocall; Xiyu Wang Wins Junior Girls Title

Naomi Osaka

With a chance for everybody to calm down and get some sleep, I hope Naomi Osaka’s 2018 US Open champion’s photocall at Top of the Rock is step one in the process of celebrating what the young 20 year old earned, and leaving behind any controversy that stains the memory of her achievement. Those of us that follow tennis week in and week out have had our eye on Naomi for a long time. It looked as though she had broken through when she won Indian Wells earlier this year, but then she had a summer hard-court season where she was not good at all. But maybe she is similar to Sloane Stephens in that she will bring her best in the biggest moments. At this point, nobody cares how she lost in Cincinnati, when she followed that up by winning the US Open.


Xiyu Wang

Speaking of winning the US Open, congratulations to Xiyu Wang on winning the 2018 US Open Junior Girls title. The 17-year old from China is coming off a Girls Junior doubles title a few months ago with partner Xinyu Wang, also from China. Last year, she partnered with Lea Boskovic of Croatia to finish runner-up at the 2017 US Open. But on this day she stands alone as champion after defeating Clara Burel of France, 7-6 (4) 6-2.






2 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka 2018 US Open Champion Photocall; Xiyu Wang Wins Junior Girls Title

  1. Absolutely right Bobby. Osaka had a very pedestrian US Open Series hard court season, but wow did she ever step it up at the big event itself. She easily defeated the power hitter Keys in the semis and had a tough match in the round of 16 against Sabalenka. Those two I believe prepared her well for Serena in the finals. Perhaps Xiyu Wang can be the next best thing for China since Li Na. No?

    • WTA Tennis Insider Courtney Nguyen suggested that Wang Xiyu is the first of many to come inspired by Li Na. I think before I fully agree I need to see a few come through doing well at the pro level in singles. But I will bookmark Miss Wang and if others come I will say she is among the first. It’s like Tiger Woods. I seem to recall a few African American juniors/collegiate players that said Tiger inspired them…but on the PGA level while there have been players who speak to being inspired by Tiger, the predicted wave of minority PGA players has not happened. Of course, the difference is that in China the government tennis system can pay for the level of training it takes to become pro level in both tennis and golf. In America, getting funding…if your family is not already independently weathly, is tougher to find. Sometimes it’s not even the training. It’s also the travel and expenses. Part of the reason Osaka sought to represent Japan is getting more help there.

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