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Maria Sharapova Bloomingdale Pop-Up Store, Caroline Wozniacki At Players Tribune 2015 US Open Party

US Open 2015 pre-tourney sponsor events/parties are continuing with Maria Sharapova opening a Sugarpova pop-up store at New York City’s flagship Bloomingdale’s. I must admit, I’ve actually tried a few varieties of Masha’s candy line and it’s pretty good. Additionally, it’s just great to see athletes expanding their brand beyond sports apparel, equipment and accessories. … Continue reading

The Hurt Game

One of the beautiful aspects of remembering the past glory of my sports heroes is that they are able to stay young forever. Even if they sojourn on well beyond their primes, and many do, the images that are most indelibly etched in my mind are those of youthful brilliance. This is not to say … Continue reading