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Annika Sorenstam Talks Golf Fashion

Here is a older video about golf fashion from Annika Sorenstam. I’ve never thought of Annika as a fashionista but she’s always looked classy. In some ways, I just think it’s because she carries herself with such grace and dignity. She would look classy in anything. But I agree that clothing on the women’s tour … Continue reading

Dannii Minogue: The Open Drive at 2011 Australian Open

Mulit-talented Dannii Minogue has been a welcome addition to the celebrities attending the 2011 Australian Open. Many of the top players are participating in KIA’s The Open Drive. They wisely selected Dannii and Kris Smith to also participate. But Kris…you have to think before you blurt out, “Maria Sharapova!” with the missus sitting right next … Continue reading