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Maria Sharapova 2011 Australian Open Dress Launch

The always stylish Maria Sharapova launched her fashion line for the upcoming Australian Open. Sharapova is the top female athlete in world in terms of sponsorship. Her deal with Nike is rumored to be in the 100 million dollar range over several years.

WTA Video: Aravane Rezai Wardrobe Check

Here is a video from the WTA of fashionable French star Aravane Rezai. But she is not simply a pretty face in pretty clothes. Like many of the stars of the WTA, she is a fierce competitor. She has 4 WTA victories (and counting) while working her way into the top 20 players in the … Continue reading


WTA Video: Maria Kirilenko Photo Shoot

The WTA has no problem, it seems, promoting their players as great athletes, which they are, and fashionable young women, which they also are.  One wonders about where the line blurs and where selling looks goes too far.  I was a little surprised when I saw this was a WTA sponsored video. But as they … Continue reading