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2012 LPGA Rookies Have Orientation Day

Good luck to all of the rookies in 2012. It’s tough out there. Some will make it as long term players. Probably most will not. But good on the LPGA for offering a comprehensive orientation to help the tour rookies. And many thanks to tour veteran Laura Diaz for helping with the orientation. I hope … Continue reading

2012 LPGA Card Winners From LPGA Futures Tour 2011 Season

Congratulations to Kathleen Ekey, Lisa Ferrero, Mo Martin, Sydnee Michaels, Jane Rah, Tiffany Joh, Valentine Derrey, Hanna Kang, Jenny Gleason and Tzu-Chi Lin on earning their 2012 LPGA Tour Cards. I certain wish them all well next year. Love any player named Valentine!