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Li Na, Novak Djokovic Win At 2015 Laureus World Sports Awards

It was a good night for tennis at the 2015 Laureus World Sports Awards. Chinese sports pioneer Li Na accepted the Laureus Academy Exceptional Achievement Award. She retired last year, but was presented the award for her career, in which she set several “first ever” achievements for an Asian and/or Chinese tennis player in singles. … Continue reading


Martina Navratilova Released From Hospital Three Days After Attempt To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Ended With Altitude Sickness

Happy to say that tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been released from the hospital after altitude sickness ended her attempt to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. Martina was in great shape. That was not the cause, according to doctors who say that some people’s bodies simply react badly to low oxygen environments. In Navratilova’s case fluids were … Continue reading

Martina’s Message From The Mountain

As her quest to summit Mount Kilimanjaro continues, Martina sent a message to those following her climb. The climb benefits the Laureus Sports Foundation. from Martina: Hi all, Today we have headed south towards Horombo, crossing the dramatic and windswept Saddle, a barren plain of alpine desert between Mawenzi and Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s two peaks. The … Continue reading

Martina Navratilova And The Snows Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Ok, it’s not Ernest Hemingway, but as Martina Navratilova continued her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, there was an unexpected snowfall to deal with. But a little snow is not enough to stop Martina.  She and her team continue to head for the summit.  The climb benefits the Laureus Sports Foundation.