In Response: Hee Kyung Seo Targets Rookie of the Year Award In 2011 LPGA Season, from the Korea Times

A nice article covering an interview 2010 Kia Classic winner Hee Kyung Seo gave about her upcoming rookie year on the LPGA. The 2009 KLPGA Player of the Year is my favorite going into the season to win Rookie of the Year. She has already won on the LPGA as a non-member in 2010 and she has many wins on the KLPGA, although none in 2010. Here is the article:

a few quotes:

“First of all I am happy to be able to play on the world’s best golf tour as it has been my dream for some time,” Seo said in a press conference in Seoul.

“I hope to snatch Rookie of the Year award. I am heading to the LPGA with strong tenacity and will grab at least one victory.”

Well…she certainly is confident! But then again, she has already won on the LPGA as a non-member. So why shouldn’t she target a win in her rookie season. Whether it happens or not is not the point. As Herm Edwards would say, “We play to win the game!”

“During this season I lost my rhythm on my swing. While struggling, I found shortcomings by myself. I messed up last season as I failed to keep myself in good condition. But the failure taught me lots of lesson which are needed before heading to the LPGA. Given this, last season wasn’t that bad for me because I could take the time for self-examination.”

“I will work hard in winter training and work on my stamina to keep fit.”

I also have wondered if, like Jelena Jankovic in tennis, Hee Kyung might have picked up one too many outside ventures that contributed to her lack of training and fitness. Regardless, if she rededicates herself, she has the skills to have a great rookie year.

“I need to overcome the language barrier, and get used to the long trips and the food. I have studied English for a few years taking lesson from PAGODA academy, and improved my physical condition as well.

“Fortunately my parents will go with me, so I think I can overcome any problems,” Seo said.

Her English last year seemed pretty good. I think she will be fine. And it is great that her parents will be with her to help her while she acclimates to a new country and culture.

Pics from the interview:

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