In Response: Wie Rolling Along In Gold And Life, from the Los Angeles Daily News Online

Wie Won in Winnipeg

A nice article about Michelle Wie from the LA Daily News Online. She really seems laid back and in a healthy place. So much extreme positive and negative discussion swirl around Michelle. But she seems so above it all I doubt any of it really matters. Here is the article:

a few excerpts:

Then one man deadpanned: “Shouldn’t you be working on your putting?”

He wasn’t joking at all, and Wie didn’t reply in words. She simply responded by signing with a wry smile. He didn’t rattle the LPGA star.

Wie had a solid year, but if there’s something she needs to work on it’s putting. She tied for 120th on the LPGA Tour this season with an average of 30.7 putts per round. And still, she was good enough everywhere but on the greens to finish ninth on the tour money list.

First of all, most players have a weakness. You can usually find one area at least where improvement is needed. But the point here is that Michelle was not rattled in the least. Let people take pot shots at her. She’s been an LPGA tour member two years. She has two wins. Not the earth shattering amount die-hard fans (like me) predicted, but it also isn’t the failure for which her die-hard detractors hoped.

“Because of my studying, golf is now my outlet,” Wie said. “It makes golf fun. It works out really well. It helps me balance my life. It’s important for me to get my degree,” she said. “I want to send that message even though you’re a professional golfer you don’t necessarily need a degree, but it’s a great experience.

“If it wasn’t for college, I’d probably still be living with my parents, realistically.”

Yes, unless she and her team have completely wasted her money, she will probably never really need her degree. She is already a multi-millionaire. But it’s great that school has helped put golf into perspective and made the game a fun outlet.




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