Hyun-Ju Shin Win 2012 Nichirei Ladies (JLPGA); Edges Chie Arimura and Soo-Yun Kang To End Winless Drought

Hyun-Ju Shin, 2012 Nichirei Ladies winner

There are a handful of very successful Korean golfers on the LPGA of Japan Tour (JLPGA), including Mi-Jeong Jeon, Ji-Hee Lee and 2-time defending Player of the Year Sun-Ju Ahn. One of the forgotten Seoul Sister stars on the JLPGA might just be Hyun-Ju Shin. She finished 5th on the JLPGA money list back in 2005. In 2008, she won 2 events, including a Major, the 2008 JLPGA Championship Konica Minolta Cup. Hyun-Ju even outdueled the great Jiyai Shin down the stretch to win Konica. But it’s been a few years since Hyun-Ju’s last win, and sometimes out of sight is out of mind. She did have 1 win in 2010 but was not nearly in contention as frequently as she once was. Fast forward midway through 2012 and Hyun-Ju Shin reminded us how good she can be. Coming from 3 shots back of the leader, Shin fired a 5-under 67 to vault up the leaderboard with an 11-under overall, winning the 2012 Nichirei Ladies by 1 stroke over a trio in 2nd place. In fact, she birdied 6 of the first 11 holes (against 1 bogey), including birdies on the first 3 holes in a row. It is her 6th JLPGA victory. Let’s hope it’s not almost 2 years until her next win.

Soo-Yun Kang

However, I was a bit disappointed as Hyun-Ju Shin’s success came at the expense of 2 players for whom I was rooting, overnight leader Soo-Yun Kang and Chie Arimura. Kangsy didn’t play terribly at 1-under for the final round, her 10-under overall score falling 1 shot shy of Hyun-Ju. After only 1 bogey in the first 2 rounds, Kangsy would have 2 at inopportune times in the final round. She birdied the 1st hole only to give it back with a bogey on the 5th. After birdying the par 5 7th, she once again gave it back on the par 4 9th. She did birdie the par 3 11th but couldn’t manage another coming in. Still, it’s not a bad round. She forced somebody to have to have a great round to beat her. Unfortunately for Kangsy, somebody did. Chie Arimura had a better round at 4-under for the final round, matching Kangsy’s 10-under overll and also falling 1 shot shy of Hyun-Ju. The bogey bug also bit Chie. After finishing the 2nd round with an eagle on the par 5 18th, she fired 7 birdies in the final round. But she also had 3 bogeys, including one on the par 5 7th. Arimura is an absolute fan favorite and the crowd would have loved to see her break the 6 tournament winless streak by Japanese players, but in the end the streak extends to 7 tournaments. 6 of those 7 were by Korean players. The other was by recent LPGA Major winner Shanshan Feng of China. Chie is the last Japanese winner, at the 2012 Cyber Agent Ladies.











Position Player ToPar Thru Today
1 Hyun-Ju Shin -11 F -5
2 Ritsuko Ryu -10 F -4
Chie Arimura -10 F -4
Soo-Yun Kang -10 F -1
5 Bo-Mee Lee -9 F -6
Yuri Fudoh -9 F -4
Na-Ri Lee -9 F -4
Esther Lee -9 F -4
Kaori Ohe -9 F -1
10 Young Kim -8 F -2
11 Yun-Jye Wei -7 F -3
12 Rikako Morita -5 F -2
Yumiko Yoshida -5 F -1
14 Erina Hara -4 F -2
Natsu Nagai -4 F E
Miki Saiki -4 *F -5
Mi-Jeong Jeon -4 F +4
18 Megumi Kido -3 F -3
Keiko Sasaki -3 F -2
Kumiko Kaneda -3 F -2
Hiroko Fukushima -3 *F -5
Kaori Aoyama -3 F -1
Mihoko Iseri -3 F -1
24 So-Hee Kim -2 *F -3
Maiko Wakabayashi -2 *F -3
Kurumi Dohi -2 F +2
Na-Ri Kim -2 *F -2
28 Miki Sakai -1 F -1
Hiromi Takesue -1 F -1
Hiromi Mogi -1 F E
Nana Akahori -1 F E
Chie Sakai -1 F +1
Yeo-Jin Kang -1 *F -2
34 Kaori Nakamura E *F -2
Junko Omote E F +1
Ya-Huei Lu E F +2
37 Sakura Yokomine +1 *F -1
Airi Saitoh +1 *F -1
Kaori Yamamoto +1 *F -1
40 Erika Kikuchi +2 F +2
Mayu Hattori +2 F +3
Orie Fujino +2 *F E
Yuki Ichinose +2 *F E
Misuzu Narita +2 *F +1
Kotono Kozuma +2 *F +1
46 Eun-A Lim +3 F +3
Nachiyo Ohtani +3 *F +1
Onnarin Sattayabanphot +3 *F +2
49 Hsuan-Yu Yao +4 F +5
Bo-Bae Song +4 *F +2
Mayumi Shimomura +4 *F +3
52 Yui Kawahara +5 *F +3
Shiho Toyonaga +5 *F +3
54 Kyoko Furuya +7 *F +6
55 Asuka Tsujimura +9 *F +7

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