Maria Sharapova Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Sugarpova

Maria Sharapova (click to enlarge)

When Maria Sharapova introduced her candy line, Sugarpova, I honestly wondered if it would be one of those athlete pet projects that fizzles out before it has a chance to get started. But Masha has poured time and effort into promoting Sugarpova. Despite only being sold at exclusive stores and not yet being launched in every continental market, the candy line has taken off, selling almost 2 million packages the first year. To celebrate the one year anniversary she introduced the Sugarpova Accessory Collection at Henri Bendel in New York City.

As for the story circulating that Masha was seeking to temporarily change her name to Maria Sugarpova for the two weeks of the 2013 US Open, her agent says that idea has been abandoned. That’s probably a good idea, since there were some in the media debating whether something like that was beneath Masha’s level of accomplishment as an athlete.



9 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Sugarpova

  1. What’s the contents of sugarpova candy?
    Aspartame or other artificial sweetener? Sugar from GMO franken-corn and GMO franken-beet?
    Or plain old sugar from non-GMO beets and sugar cane? Non-polluted honey collected from the relics of non-GMO felds by bees that have survived Roundup, chemtrails spraying and increased UV from ozone depletion?
    Or maple syrup from a forest that’s not yet dying of chemical spraying.
    Which colouring and flavour additives?
    Will Sharapova harm my kids?
    Was the candy made from no threat ingredients, it would not need nice faces and legs, sport-stara nor kiss colours to sell. Just mark the packages; NORMAL, OLD-fashioned candy, no poison. no GMO.

  2. My son and I attended the Sugarpova event at Henri Bendel on Tuesday. I was first in line wearing a black Sugarpova hat and black Tee shirt with Maria’s picture on it. You have a picture of my teenage son in your article. He is wearing a red cap, glasses and a black tee shirt with Maria’s photo on it. I wanted to know if you had any photos of me getting my autograph with Maria? Again, I was first in line and my son was second. You have a photo of him, so I thought you may have one of me or know where I can get one. Please email me. Thanks Rob

  3. I added the photo that I think is you at the end. You can click on it for a slightly bigger size. Unfortunately, because I had to crop it from a screen shot, I was unable to remove the “HQ” or “Getty Images” logos. I’ll leave it up until you tell me you have it. Glad to help! 🙂

    • I thank you so much for doing that! I appreciate that you went out of your way for me to do that ! It was a day I will never forget and now I have the pictures to prove it ! My son and I thank you. I signed up for the blog, so I will be following you! Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 06:28:30 +0000 To:

      • You’re very welcome! It was no problem at all. I love seeing parents and their kids who are into tennis. I only wish Masha were playing at the Open. 🙂

      • Yeh, me too! Her dad was at Henri Bendel with her manager, Max from IMG and her current boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov. We got to meet them all because we were first in line and had the Sharapova Tee Shirts on. I don’t know for sure if Maria is injured physically. Mentally, her head is certainly not in the game. She looked totally unprepared at Wimbledon, losing to a qualifier ranked 131. She also had that “deer in the headlights” look in at the W&S Open Cincinnati….62 unforced errors! I know that coaching is not the issue! I have a feeling that it is the beginning of the end for Maria…but what a 9 year run it was! Thanks again for all that you did for me, Rob

      • She pulled out of the US Open with a shoulder injury…maybe it’s been bothering her for awhle. Hopefully she will be back soon 🙂

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