The Greatest Seoul Sister Fan Of Them All (Not Me) Posts Fascinating Se Ri Pak Rookie Year Retrospective

Se Ri Pak, 1998 US Women’s Open (click pic to enlarge)

I write a lot about the Korean and Korean-American players on the LPGA and other golf tours around the world. I’ve posted videos about them on YouTube and even started a web forum about Korean-American Michelle Wie (although I don’t really post there much).  But trust me when I say I am an absolute amateur compared to HappyFan, the Godfather of all Seoul Sister fans. Now, if you are here on my blog reading this post about Se Ri, then there’s probably a 99% chance you already know about HappyFan and his Seoul Sister sites. But for the 1% that do not, here are the 3 essential Seoul Sister sites. Click each name to go to the site:


Seoul Sisters Blog

Seoul Sisters Web Forum

(click pic to englarge)

Now HappyFan is expanding onto YouTube. His first post is from a special about Se Ri Pak from over 10 years ago. If focused on Se Ri’s rise as a rookie on the LPGA Tour and what that meant to her country…and what it did for her from both a positive and negative standpoint. Yes, there was a downside to the fame and non-stop commitments. If you like Se Ri and haven’t seen this special, I recommend watching:

Nancy Lopez, Se Ri Pak, Lori Kane (click pic to enlarge)


3 thoughts on “The Greatest Seoul Sister Fan Of Them All (Not Me) Posts Fascinating Se Ri Pak Rookie Year Retrospective

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  2. Not sure if this is a good place to post this comment or it is the perfect place to post this comment. Great win by In Bee yesterday. Who really knocked me over performance wise in the Evian Masters was Hyo Joo Kim. Wow. Great play by a 17 year old who handles herself like a seasoned pro. She has a beautiful but simple swing.

    • A great place to post the comment! 🙂 I hope we see Hyo Joo Kim on the LPGA tour soon as a member.

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