Many Questions For Venus Williams As She Returns To Tennis At 2012 Fed Cup

Venus Williams

Venus Williams has nothing to prove to anybody. Just in singles, she’s a 5-time Wimbledon champion, a 7-time Major winner overall and even won a Gold Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. They should already have her space at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island ready. But there are many questions as to how much she has left as a serious threat to win Majors from this point on. She is making her return to tennis at the 2012 Fed Cup against Belarus, her first action since withdrawing from the 2011 US Open with a diagnosed auto-immune disease. Venus is now 31. That’s advanced in tennis. Even before her time off, she hadn’t won a Major since Wimbledon 2008. If you take Wimbledon out, she hadn’t won a Major since the 2001 US Open. With the rise of players like Victoria Azarenka, Petra Kvitova and the return of Maria Sharapova, the competition (which, oh by the way, includes her sister Serena) just gets tougher for Venus. At Fed Cup, she will team with Liezel Huber to play doubles. I agree with that. Serena will play the #1 singles. Rising star Christina McHale will be the #2 singles for Team USA. Non-tennis aficionados may question Venus not playing singles against Belarus, but Christina has earned the right to play that position. Beyond the question of if Venus can reach Major championship heights again, there is the question of her health. Can she endure the rigors of the tour with her auto-immune condition? If things don’t go well for her out of the gate, does she still have the desire, at 31, to work even harder now than she did in her prime to be competitive? We will soon see the answers to those questions. I welcome Venus back to tennis. She’s great for the sport.

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